Saturday, January 20, 2007

Welcome to the Library

This is a blog created to describe some interesting facts about Roselle Public Library. This library focuses mainly on the happiness of the community and the staff members do their best to create a warm and welcoming environment to all of the patrons of the library. The mission statement of the Roselle Public Library is to provide the people of the community with the widest possible access to both recreational and educational information. Therefore the staff is continuously working to supply a comforting atmosphere along with the proper materials.

Meet Debbie Miel

This is Debbie Miel, one of many workers at Roselle Public Library. She is part of the reference staff and she truly loves her job. Previously she had worked in the young adult section but now that she is a member of the reference crew she is very pleased to now be able to work with people of all ages. Debbie is very involved with the librarys outreach program and helps get the local schools involved in the library atmosphere. Debbie mentioned that the reason she loves her job so much is because she loves being able to help people connect with information and every day is different.

Staying Involved

The Roselle Public Library offers tons of different ways to stay involved with the community. They focus on keeping the public interested in the library at all ages. Classes for the community start from the beginning with 'Mommy and Me' and continue with groups extending all the way to the adult section along with the commemorative gift program. The Library even has its very own newsletter known as 'Library Lights' where one could find all the information they would need to find any upcoming events for a specific age. The Roselle Public Library is part of the DuPage Library system so they are very involved in interlibrary loans as well. Just because the library is listed in Roselle does not mean it is only meant for residents of Roselle. They are also part of the State Library system of Illinois, and they participate in recriprocal borrowing. Recriprocal borrowing means that neighboring towns, such as Bloomingdale or Medinah, may borrow Roselle Public Library's materials.

A little something for everyone!

Another interesting thing about the Roselle Public Library is they have a section dedicated for Foreign Language as you can see by the picture on the left. They have all sorts of different information on different languages including Spanish, German, Polish, and ESL. Not only do they have books to study from but they have a wide selection of audiotapes as well!

Second Floor = My favorite part!

What is amazing about the Roselle Public Library is their passion for involving children of all ages. The entire second floor of the library is designed for kids! The floor is divided into eight different sections including: Picture Books, Easy Readers, Video/DVDs, Computer Center, J Fiction, J Non-Fiction(J stands for Juvenile), Reference Collection, and even an "Ask Me" Desk for the upstiars librarian.

Keeping Kids Involved

These are a few brochures i received while visiting the Roselle Public Library. If you look closely you can see that the paper on the lower left hand side has a drawing of an Army Reserve done by a child. This specific paper was the "What's Up With Kids!" newsletter that is actually designed, written, and illustrated 100% by children! That is definitely one way to keep the kids involved!
You can also check out the childrens portion on the Roselle Public Library website ! They have all different types of ways for children to get involved with the library, not only in person but on the net too. Just go exploring and you can see how many different links there are including a special blog just for kids.

High Hopes for the Young Adult Section

The Roselle Public Library has a new staff member named Lori Matesic who is very excited to start working as a Reference/ Young Adult Librarian. Lori graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences. A goal for the near future of the Roselle Public Library is to improve the young adult section and now that they have Lori they are hoping the transitions go much smoother.

What Roselle Public Library Has to Offer

In order to support their goal of lifelong learning, the Roselle Public Library must have many different sources available for its patrons. Some of the sources the library has to offer include no charge DVDs, music, CDs, audiobooks, downloadable books, and a wireless network, along with the selection of computers pictured to the left. The main level of the Roselle Public Library is divided into sections labeled New Fiction/New Non-Fiction, Periodicals, Adiovisual, Reference Collection, Foreign Language/ESL, and fourteen rows of books including: Non Fiction, Fiction, Mysteries, science fiction/fantasy, and each row is sorted by separate topics i.e. mathematics, gardening, sports, etc.

Tree of Knowledge

This here is a picture of the "Tree of Knowledge" hung on a wall of the Roselle Public Library. This 'tree' was created to honor patrons who donate to the library for any special occasions. This 'tree' also shows the people in the community who support the Roselle Public Library above and beyond the normal standards.

Thanks for visiting!

Hope you enjoyed my page! If you are interested in finding more information about the Roselle Public Library feel free to check out their website or just head on in to visit!
40 S. Park St.
Roselle, Il.

Friday, January 19, 2007

More Pictures

Go to this link to see more pictures of the Roselle Public Library's Children section!